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5 strength exercises you NEED in your workout!

Finding a workout program that suits you and you can stick to can be difficult and require some tweaking here and there. There are certain exercises however that are the basis for a well rounded workout that targets all the main muscle groups. #5 – The Bench Press The big chest builder! Done properly the bench press engages your triceps, biceps, pectorals, shoulders and abs, working pretty much every major muscle group in the top half of your body. #4 – The Deadlift Known as the daddy of mass builders, the deadlift works pretty much every major muscle group in your body from your glutes and hamstrings to your abs and lower back. #3 – The Push up The push up should be the go to move for most workouts and there are so many variations you can constantly keep pushing yourself. The push up works the shoulders, chest, biceps, abs and triceps and requires no equipment, just your body weight! #2 – The Pull up The pull up is a great move to target the back and get that wide shoulder, narrow waist V look. It works the back, shoulders, abs, arms and grip strength and all you need to do it is a pull up bar, or go to your nearest climbing frame! #1 – The Squat Again this is an exercise that requires no equipment to start off with but works a lot of the major muscle groups of the body including the hamstrings and glutes as well as developing all round core strength.