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7 Reasons why we Love Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is one of our most popular products, however, you may be thinking what actually is it? Or, how can I use it? Keep reading to find out;

It is proven to work – kinesiology tape has had significant research done to prove that it accelerates the healing process for a range of injuries, from trauma to inflammatory conditions. Durability – Kinesiology tape is so durable that it can be left on for up to five days. Meaning that you can reap the rewards of its therapeutic benefits 24 hours a day. Relief from pain and discomfort – Kinesiology tape works on both physical and neurological mechanisms to relieve pain. Due to the lifting action on the skin, the tape is particularly good for the treatment of acute sporting injuries, relieving pressure on the pain receptors that are located under the surface of the skin, providing effective relief. Speeding up recovery – When applied to fatigued and over worked muscles, kinesiology tape works to remove by products allowing for rapid recovery. This has the potential to aid athletes when taking part in endurance style events by preventing muscle fatigue, or by allowing for a more complete recovery between repetitive or high intensity events. Support – Kinesiology tape has unique elastic qualities unlike any other tape meaning that it provide a light support to the injured area promoting a safe and healthy range of motion. Continue being active – This is one of the key selling points of kinesiology tape, especially when being used by competitive athletes. Injuries can be taped up, and pain can be reduced to a level at which the athlete can continue training under guidance to ensure that the injury is not worsened. No more cramping or spasms – Applying kinesiology tape increases circulation to the skin and working muscles below, meaning more oxygen and nutrients at a cellular level, whilst also accelerating the removal of waste and by-products. In turn this will also help to prevent the cramping that often occurs in overused or injured muscles. You can shop our full range of Kinesiology Tape HERE