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Boxing Guide

Boxing is a very confrontational and aggressive sport meaning injuries are inevitable. Head injuries are very common, making boxing an incredibly dangerous sport. Black eyes and cuts to the head, in particular the eyebrow bone, are very common and occur in nearly all professional match fights. Boxers also get a lot of injuries from body blows these result in cuts and bruises as well as cracked and broken ribs. Injury Prevention Boxing injuries are almost impossible to avoid as most of the damage is sustained through receiving blows to the head and body. Training and conditioning in the run-up to fights is important to ensure the body is strong enough to cope with the impact. Preparation and having the right equipment also will help to reduce injuries and speed up your recovery time inbetween bouts. Which is why Firstaid4sport has been working in conjunction with many people in the boxing world regarding cotton bandages for wrapping the hands. Normally this was a conforming bandage or Cotton White Open Weave Bandage (WOW Bandage), both of these would stretch length ways because normally in First Aid a bandage wants to be applied without too much compression and blood flow restriction, and have no stretch in the width. Firstaid4sport has developed a new Hand Wrap made from 100% Cotton that is an open weave bandage (you can see the threads with lots of open space inbetween) but it has no stretch in its length. This gets a very secure and solid wrap but there is movement in the width so on wrapping the hands and knuckles there still allows plenty of finger movement while protecting the delicate bones of the hands. After developing this Pro Hand Wrap, Firstaid4sport sent samples of this to the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) and it has been approved by the BBBofC for use by Professional and Amateur Boxers. Used in conjunction with the Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide (Rigid Strapping Tape) the Pro Wrap is becoming very popular with boxers and trainers alike. Firstaid4sport has put together a Pro Hand Wrap Kit for people to try and it includes a couple of rolls of the Pro Wrap along with some Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide in the different sizes usually needed for hand wrapping. Endorsed By Dean Powell and used by Tony (Bomber) Bellew in his win over Atoli Moore for the commonwealth light heavyweight title in Liverpool in March 2010, Firstaid4sport's Pro Hand Wrap and Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide. See our Full range of BBBofC Approved Boxing First Aid Kits. See our Full range of Boxing First Aid. See our Boxing Wraps and Zinc Oxide Tapes.