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British standard workplace First Aid Kits

June 2011 saw the introduction of a British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits. So, nearly nine years on what are the current standards for workplace First Aid Kits in Britain. The standards for workplace first aid vary from different industries to how many employees are to be looked after the kit. There are three different sizes of first aid kits a small, medium and large kit are available to meet workplace standards. Take a look at this table below showing the contents of each kit.

Contents Small Medium Large
F/A guidance leaflet 1 1 1
Medium sterile dressing 2 4 6
Large sterile dressing 2 3 4
Triangular dressing 2 3 4
Eye dressing 2 3 4
Adhesive dressings 40 60  100
Sterile wet wipe 20  30 40
Microporous tape 1 2 3
Nitrile gloves - pair 6  9  12
Face shield  1  2 3
Foil blanket 1 2 3
Burn dressing 10 x 10cm 1 2  2
Clothing shears 1 1  1
Conforming bandage  1 2 2
Finger dressing 2 3  4
Sterile eyewash 250ml  0 0 0

The size of the kit required in your workplace is directly related to the risk factor of injuries and accidents in your industry as well as the number of employees in the workplace. For example, a low risk workplace would be an office or shop whereas a high-risk workplace could be a warehouse, construction site or nay form of engineering/manufacturing. A low risk with less than 25 employees or a high risk with less than five employees requires one small First Aid Kit. A low risk with 25-100 employees or a high risk with 5-25 employees would require one medium size First Aid Kit. Finally, a low risk with over 100 employee or a high risk with over 25 employees require one large First Aid Kit. This information is for guidance only: a risk assessment should be carried out for each workplace. You can shop our range of Workplace First Aid Kits here.