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Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that manic time of year again! Shops filled to their full capacity with stressed out shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their difficult-to-buy friend, ending up buying the same pair of socks and mug set they get every year. Well never fear as we’ve got a fantastic selection of Christmas gift ideas and stocking fillers ideal for a stress free shopping experience.


Wobble Board

Our wobble boards are a fun and easy way to train and keep fit when you’re off the pitch. Suitable for use outdoors or in the home, this is great for improving your balance, core and strengthening tendons, particularly after an injury.


Omni Massage

The Omni massage range make great après sport treats or just a pampering session for the ladies. Choose from a range of:


Snow Bum Board

For the adrenaline seeker, the snow bum board is our great alternative to winter sledding this year. Great fun for all the family and durable enough it can be used year after year! Read more here.


Runners Fist Water Carrier

One for the runner in your family, the fist water carrier is a great product which is designed specifically for runners. The flask is "O" shaped for ease of holding while running with a lift up valve allows the runner to take on liquid on the move. Easy and light to carry.