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Club Accounts: Why, who and how?

If there is one thing we know at Firstaid4sport (apart from First Aid of course), it’s Clubs! We understand their sport, their team and of course their requirements in relation to First Aid and Medical Equipment. Yes, every sport may be different, but the fundamentals are the same; Safety comes first, always. One of our first products was the sports specific First Aid kit, which have now grown to cover over 8 sports, and we include our large range of taping and strapping. These are the basics for every team and club no matter what size or level. Very quickly we began to build relationships with clubs from every sport all over the country, making us realise that we could in fact do a more for these Clubs. With budgets differing between Club to Club we did not want any of our club customers to feel that they could not access the same products as the clubs at the highest level, their safety should not be compromised because of price! So, we developed our Club Accounts and Club Price List. One level of pricing no matter your budget, size or level.
Anyone can apply for an account with us, if you represent a club or team. Opening a club account with Firstaid4sport has never been easier, you can apply for one on our website or you can request an application form by calling or email the office. Once approved you can access our Club Account price list and start making savings immediately with your first order. Ordering is simple you can call, email or like many of our customers place your order through your own Club online account which will show your preferential prices with no need to work out discounts; anytime, day or night and with no minimum order value! Your online account will keep all your previous order so you can add item quickly and Credit Agreements are also available upon request and application. We know our Club Accounts work because our Club’s love them. An account brings them peace for mind that they can order and their delivery with be with you the following day with the Club Next Day Delivery. For more information on our Club Accounts please email