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Co-founders George Kruis & Dominic Day explain the origin of fourfivecbd

Professional rugby players Dominic Day and George Kruis created fourfivecbd after both using CBD during their own recovery from injury, fourfivecbd’s 0% THC is the first and only product in the world to also be third-party tested and certified for cross contamination of banned substances.  

Dominic Day played professional rugby for over 14 years playing in Wales, England, Japan and Australia before finally hanging up his boots earlier this year. Co-founder George Kruis is still playing his trade for Saracens and was a key part of the England squad who made it to the final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Between them they have over 20 years’ experience in professional rugby and have been under the surgeon’s knife 12 times, as well as training and playing through pain and injury more often then they would have liked. Having both been through multiple periods of recovery from a serious injury Kruis and Day now both use CBD as part of their daily routine, but it was Day who first started using the substance. “I had just had my third knee operation and I was looking for a more natural way to help me with recovery. “I was googling different recovery methods and saw that CBD had just been taken off the WADA list of banned substances, so I decided to give it a go and saw great results,” said Day. Having seen his own great results Day advised Kruis to look into using CBD as part of his recovery. “I had an ankle operation around a month after Dom’s op and he suggested I try it. It really helped me with quality of sleep which is key when you’re trying to recover,” said Kruis.

Both Day and Kruis had a positive experience using CBD and further reach showed a gap in the UK market and with the pair not only being teammates but business partners already the idea of fourfivecbd began. Day said; “It all came about from our positive experiences with CBD and then from that we took an interest in the North American market which was booming. “We saw an opportunity in the UK and Europe and took the leap. “Myself and George have another property business together and we like to think we are entrepreneurial.” The pair went into the business with the aim of just developing a safe product for athletes to use, but after finding success in such a short period of time they see the business as a long-term project. “At the beginning it was about developing as safe a product as possible for athletes and anyone that wanted to take CBD. “But seeing how the business has grown in such a short space of time we are most definitely in this for the long term and we are extremely excited with where this market is going,” Kruis said. Both Day and Kruis use CBD as part of their life both in and outside of professional sport and have found that CBD is an extremely beneficial part of recovery and rest. “Playing such a physical sport it is important that we are on top of our recovery. “Alongside the usual ice baths, physio and good nutrition plan we have now added CBD to our recovery programmes. Being able to recover as well as possible allows you to push yourself harder on a daily basis. “CBD has become a part of our recovery routine and for me personally has aided my sleep. It’s the main reason I use CBD,” said Kruis. “I’m a bit different as I use CBD morning and night almost like someone would take a multi vitamin. I like to keep it in my system to get the benefits throughout the day,” Day added.

fourfivecbd stock a range of products but a number of athletes prefer the 0% THC CBD Oil as it offers them all the befits of using CBD oil and the safety of knowing they will not fail any drug testing. “At the beginning we were expecting a lot of raised eyebrows, but the truth is the response has been amazing. “We knew that there were around three or four players in every rugby club using CBD so there was definitely a demand for a safe product. “However, the reaction we have seen has been tremendous, we now have had around 500 athletes from a range of different sports like swimming, UFC, athletics, football and BMXing using our products,” Day said. Having seen athletes from around the world from all different sports using their products in under two years of operating as a business, but Day is aiming to make the product even more widely available. “Our main goal has been to develop products that allow people to live their most active life. That’s still very much our goal. “We have some extremely exciting product releases in the near future. Aside from that we are excited to be going in to some major retail stores soon to make our products more widely available,” Day added.