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Complete Tape Guide

Here at Firstaid4sport we sell a range of tapes, however it is important to know exactly what tape you need, so we have compiled this guide to each of the tapes we sell and how each tape can be utilised to help you. Firstaid4sport Tear Light MAX EAB Tape Our Tear Light MAX EAB Tape has been designed from a high demand for a high quality, stickier Tear Light tape. MAX Tape is not as soft as our original Tear Lite but with an open weave 100% cotton stretch and a strong adhesive it offers a maximum support. This Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) is made with dry natural latex and a hypoallergenic adhesive and is tearable by hand and gives a high level of compression, conforming and adhering to any part of the body. Tearable EAB is used most commonly due its ability to be applied loosely allowing stretch and movement or to pull the tape taughton application creating a more rigid tape for secure strapping. It is also a great fixation bandage for holding ice packs in place, and it 6.9m long meaning that one roll will cover two ankles when applied as a figure of eight around the ankle. Ideal for ankles, knees and other large joints, MAX tape is also very popular in conjunction with our lifting blocks. Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape  Premium Tan Zinc Oxide tape is our range of Rayon coated sports tape. Rayon is a manmade fibre which is stronger than our standard cotton zinc oxide tapes. The tape has more abilities than standard zinc oxide, thanks to being rayon coated. Its tensile strength increases, and it is more resistant to water and sweat. The rayon coating also helps reduce the friction between the tape and clothing as it has more of a sheen on the material as well as a strong adhesive backing which forms a strong bond to the sin or pre-wrap. Premium tan Zinc Oxide tape is primarily used to prevent injuries, protect wounds and help increase recovery time. It will be commonly applied to joints, such as, wrist, knees and ankles. Kinesiology Tape Kinesiology tape is the bright coloured tape used by several athletes and is made up of mostly a blend of cotton and nylon and designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity meaning athletes are not having their movement restricted.  The adhesive used is water-resistant and can last up to five days. When kinesiology tape is applied correctly to your body it gently lifts the skin, which is believed to create a space between your skin and the tissue beneath it. The use of Kinesiology tape can also create miniscule spaces in your joints. These spaces take the pressure off swelling or injured muscles. Be sure to check out our guide to kinesiology tape, to see some reasons we recommend it. PVC Sock Tape PVC Sock Tape is used heavily within football and rugby, either to keep a shin pad or a lifting block in place. Our PVC sock tape is a strong, hard wearing adhesive tape. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride and is available in a wide range of colours, and under FIFA rules the colour of the sock and tape must match. Underwrap Firstaid4sport Coloured Underwrap is used to protect the skin from tape and prevent any painful waxing effect that removing tape can have. It also absorbs moisture and prevents chafing and hair loss as it has no adhesive so will not stick. Another popular use for the underwrap is to make a hair band to wear during sport, it doesn’t pull, it will not cause damage if it does get caught and it stops sweat from rolling on to the face from your hair. Cohesive Bandage  Cohesive bandage is a type of bandage that coheres to itself but doesn’t adhere well to skin, hair or other materials. Making it an ideal solution for any taping job that requires tape to be wrapped around a limb without the pain of waxing the hair off your skin when removed. It is woven in a way which allows for maximum stretch, this stretch allows for a great amount of adaptability when choosing the level of compression needed for the situation. Cohesive bandage can be applied to offer a range of support levels for injured joints, depending on the amount of tension in the bandage and the number of layers that are applied. It has a large variety of uses, with its flexibility and the ability to only stick to itself, it has become a firm favourite in the sports industry, especially in football. Crepe Bandage Crepe Bandage is a cotton-based bandage which will conform to any limb or joint and does not restrict movement. Made from an open weave material it can stretch both in width and length. It is most commonly used as a compression dressing because it conforms so well and due to the stretch application is even and sustained. It also offers slight compression when the ends are secured in place with tape, safety pins or clips provided. Taping Accessories If you know what tape you need, we also sell a number of taping accessories such as pins, sprays and scissors.