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Cycling in the dark - Safety Tips for riding your bike in the winter

The nights are drawing in and winter is well on its way..brrr! For you cyclists out there this means you’re under greater risk, however we’ve come up with our top tips for staying safe in the winter months!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Make sure you plan your route carefully prior to cycling choosing routes that are well lit. It is potentially safer cycling on the road rather than taking traffic-free routes as these tend to have good street lighting.

Be visible!

It is crucial when riding in the dark that you're seen by others whether traffic, pedestrians or other cyclists. It is against the law not to have a light and reflectors on your bike but you can also wear reflective or brightly coloured clothing too improve your visibility to others.

Be more vigilant!

It is much harder to spot hazards when its dark, therefore keep your wits about you and keep a look out for any uneven surfaces, pot holes, pedestrians or other cyclists who may not be well lit. Just importantly listen out for approaching traffic and frequently check your positioning on the road. Avoid listening to music or anything else which could be a distraction to you or restricts your hearing whilst riding.

Inform Others!

You should always inform someone of the route you are taking in case of an accident. It is also important that you take your mobile phone out with you so that you can contact someone in case of an emergency. Lastly, we know this isn’t always an option but if you don’t have to ride at night then don’t! Going out and exploring unfamiliar areas or back roads at night is not a good idea! Also if you’re going for a bike ride in the day time ensure you plan your time carefully so that you don’t end up riding back in the dark unplanned. Enjoy your winter riding and be safe!