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Do you know how fast you eat?

Lets face it, nobody can say that they do not know what not to eat if they want to lose weight. The math is pretty simple, eat less calories than you burn and make sure you eat your greens. Ok, there have been hundreds of theorys that claim maximise your weight loss through diet, such as cutting out carbs, eating a brussel sprout every 45 minutes or only eating foods beginning with "X", but the basic principle is simple.

But what about HOW to eat?

It is less common knowledge that eating slowly does increase your ability to lose weight. It takes a long time for your body to realise that it is full, especially if you are used to eating huge portions of food in the blink of an eye. Simply slowing down your eating will give your body a chance to tell you when it has had enough.

There is enough technology out there to help you lose weight, like treadmills, Nike FuelBands and apps on your smart phone, but here is an interesting gizmo that that will help encourage you to slow down your eating. It is called the HAPIfork, developed by a company called HAPILABS.

Granted, it will not find it's way into your finest silverwear, but this handy fork senses when you start eating your meal and when you stop, how many bites you take and the time between each forkfull. It will then vibrate if you are eating too quickly (faster than a bite every 10 seconds) to remind you to slow down. It will also connect to an app so you will be able to keep track of your eating habits and your progress.

It is not available to purchase yet so have a go at eating slower during your next meal and see how difficult it is for you. If you find you need a reminder to keep you on track then it might be worth a look when it does come out.