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Firstaid4sport is Going Green

Here at Firstaid4sport not only do we care about your health and safety on the pitch, we’re also bothered about the environment! We’ve made it our duty to take every measure possible to look after our planet and minimise our impact on the environment.

From recycling all of our waste including bottles, paper, tins and glass, we have most recently made our packaging even more eco friendly by no longer using any plastic to pack our parcels. Instead we have now invested in a cardboard shredder which shreds any old cardboard waste which we then use to create the protective packaging that goes into our parcels. Genius!

Not only that but our staff are also advocating our green way of thinking with nearly half of our staff workforce travelling to the office by bike and a quarter by bus minimizing their carbon footprint!

How the Firstaid4sport Staff travel to work

Cycle - 43% / Bus - 29% / Car - 29%