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Firstaid4sport is now Google Certified

Shop with confidence at Firstaid4sport

At Firstaid4sport we value the trust of our customers above all else, which is why we have enrolled in the Google Certified Shops programme which aims to protect consumers online. Google Certified Shops is a programme by Google to ensure that online shoppers are protected against websites which are fraudulent or offer poor customer service. To be awarded with the Google Certified Shop badge a shopping website must offer and maintain a certain level of service to it's customers including:

  • Ensuring deliveries are on time
  • Responding to customer enquiries within one business day
  • Having encrypted checkout pages
  • Maintaining a high customer service rating based on customer reviews

What Google offers you as a customer is protection of up to £1000 towards the value of your order, plus help resolving any issues you have, however the Certified Shops badge means so much more. It further shows our commitment to maintaining our highest standard of service to you, and means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your order is being handled with the utmost professionalism and security. To find out more about Google Certified Shops visit