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Firstaid4sport looking to Middle East for further Growth

Firstaid4sport’s directors are heading off to the middle east to visit Arab Health trade exhibition in Dubai, following a successful grant application through the Midland Department of Trade and Export. Arab Health is one of the biggest medical exhibitions in the world, where international companies launch their latest products and innovations. Arab Health has over 4,000 companies exhibiting from over 65 countries, so offers the most incredible networking opportunities and allows the discovery of product and evaluation of new medical solutions. Michael Davison, director and owner of Firstaid4sport said “I have seen interest and sales of our products growing in the Middle East, so getting the chance to go out to Arab Health will be a great opportunity.” “I am taking this opportunity to go out to Dubai to look for a fulfilment company based in the Middle East, to help us distribute our products more effectively and efficiently.” Firstaid4sport spoke to Midlands Engine, which is the East Midland region of the Department of International Trade, about the interest to export products to the Middle East and were advised and assisted to apply for grant funding to attend the Exhibition. “I was a little sceptical about applying for a grant as I was unsure whether there would be enough business in the Middle East to justify the expenditure. After completing some market research and further discussions with Midlands Engine Co-ordinators it was decided to push forward with the application and were delighted to be awarded the grant.” Gemma Davison founded Firstaid4sport with her Father in 1998 after finding out first hand that sports first aid kits had poorly thought about content, after having to deal with a serious injury to a friend while playing hockey. Gemma and her Father looked at all the sports specific kits available and realised that the content was simply not designed for sports injuries. “I am so proud of what we have achieved with Firstaid4sport and am so excited about the future. Our aim has always been to offer the best customer service in the industry and a complete service to all our customers.” “We have such an amazing team at Firstaid4sport, which makes everything much easier. I am always a bit nervous about growing into new areas especially overseas, however we already have some fantastic customers who are very keen to see our expansion in to the Middle East” said Gemma Firstaid4sport looks after individuals to Sports Associations and Governing Bodies with complete supply chain for medical products and consumable items. They also supply supports and brace and are the leading fitting centre in the UK for DonJoy Global for custom fitted knee braces.