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Firstaid4sport partner NCA Rugby

Firstaid4sport are proud to announce that we are now the Official Medical and First Aid Partner to NCA Rugby NCA Rugby govern the National Leagues 1, 2 North and 2 South, representing 48 Clubs in all matters relating to the Rugby Football Union. This includes producing fixture lists, administering the leagues and representing the clubs with disciplinary matters. The partnership will allow Firstaid4sport to focus on providing quality products for clubs across the NCA to allow them to help with player recovery as well as injury prevention. Firstaid4sport Director, Michael Davison said “NCA Rugby ensure that each one of the 48 clubs they represent are treated fairly and play safely. For us to partner with them means we can ensure that every Club they represent can access the highest quality Medical and First Aid products for the best price possible through a Firstaid4sport Club Account. We look “We currently supply medical and first aid to four club’s that are represented by NCA Rugby and hope to build relationships with clubs across all three leagues. We are looking forward to the next year and the season to come.” Max Ashcroft, NCA representative said: “There is a natural fit to bring Firstaid4sport on as an official medical first aid partner. We know that this partnership will benefit all 48 clubs as well as benefit the NCA brand and ultimately, it raises awareness for Firstaid4sport. “We are looking forward to working together over the next two seasons and building strong relationships on and off the field.”