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Firstaid4sport Sponsor Lincolnshire Touch Rugby Association

FirstAid4Sport are delighted to announce a new local sponsorship deal with Lincolnshire Touch. The deal will see FirstAid4Sport being the clubs official supplier of first aid equipment for the 2013/2014 season. Touch can be played from any age and by any gender, with national tournaments consisting of a 3:3 male to female ratio for a playing team. It consists of 6 players on a pitch on approximately half a rugby pitch with games varying in length up to 20 minutes per half. FirstAid4Sport are thrilled to be working in association with Lincolnshire touch. Rachel Collier said “It’s fantastic to be able to give back to the local community and to be able to encourage male and females in to the sport.” Touch rugby in Lincoln has always been used as a warm up aid for most rugby teams. Michael Beard, organiser of touch in Lincolnshire said “We started with just 12 people but ended the 2013 summer with on average 60-70 people attending each week which was fantastic. I also set up two charity tournaments one for LIncs and Notts air ambulance and one for Alzheimers society. We have lots more exciting tournaments coming up for 2014 and I would like to thank FirstAid4Sport for their kindness and generosity.” If you are interested in joining a team or would like to find out more information about Lincolnshire Touch, please contact Michael at