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Firstaid4Sport Sponsors Union Cup Rugby

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The Union Cup Rugby is a biennial event that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in rugby. It brings together LGBTQ+ rugby teams from across Europe to compete in a weekend-long tournament. This year, the Union Cup Rugby was held at The Pavilion in Birmingham, over the bank holiday weekend, and we were proud to be one of their sponsors.


As one of the UK’s leading sports first aid suppliers, we understand the importance of having trained professionals on hand to provide immediate medical attention when injuries occur. This is especially crucial in contact sports like rugby. The therapy tent was staffed by a team of highly skilled student physiotherapists who used our products throughout the tournament on all the injured players. Their expertise and quick response time were instrumental in ensuring that players received prompt attention and care, minimizing the risk of further injuries.


We are proud to support all players and teams from grassroots to some of the top professional rugby union & league clubs in the UK. Whether it’s a minor injury or something more serious, FirstAid4Sport can provide you with the products you need, from brands you trust. Find out more about the exciting Union Cup Rugby here: