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Get Ready for Ski Season with Firstaid4sport

With just 11 weeks until Christmas the ski season is fast approaching meaning you need to get your boots dusted off, your winter clothes sorted but most importantly make sure you are protected when you are on the piste. Skiing is an adrenaline fuelled, dangerous and difficult sport but that’s what attracts so may people to it, however the downside is with all the risks involved injuries are very common, especially anterior knee pain, usually caused by damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).     A tear to the ACL could possibly mean an end to your holiday, but not always, with the correct management and support you can continue hitting the slopes every year. Here at FirstAid4Sport we recommend the Donjoy Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint. What is the Donjoy Armor Hinged Knee Brace? The Donjoy Armor Hinged Knee Brace is one of the highest levels and most supportive knee braces on the market. The brace provides un-paralleled support to the cruciate ligament in the knee. It forms a lightweight exoskeletal frame for the knee made from aircraft grade aluminium, which are designed to follow the contours of the calf and thigh. The unique Fourcepoint hinges, located either side of the knee, are different to the conventional offloading gear hinge, as your knee is most vulnerable to injury during the later stages of extension. The Fourcepoint hinge uses a spring mechanism which applies a gradual increasing resistance during extension, dampening the movement preventing any sudden jerks on the joint. The level of resistance is adjustable between the five settings depending on your injury and level of activity. Donjoy apply their four points of leverage theory to the Armor to provide a constant force to the tibia, which reduces the instability in the ACL by removing load from the knee and dispersing it between the thigh and calf muscles. The four points are as follows: 1 - The anterior thigh cuff anchors the femur at the top of the anterior thigh. 2 - The posterior calf cuff anchors the tibia at the bottom of the posterior calf. 3 - The posterior thigh strap across the back of the lower thigh acts to push the femur forwards. 4 - The anterior calf strap provides the essential opposing force creating a constant active load on the tibia, preventing anterior tibial translation.