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Get Your Donjoy Armor Fitted In Time For Skiing 2018

It's that time of year again, the ski season is approaching, and you find yourself once again dusting off your ski boots, and getting ready to hit the piste. Skiing is an adrenaline fuelled, difficult and dangerous sport, and that’s why we love it. Unfortunately injury comes with the territory and one of the most common complaints amongst skiers is anterior knee pain, this is caused by damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). A tear to the ACL does not have to mean the end to your skiing holidays, with the right management you can keep hitting the slopes year on year. We recommend the DonJoy Armor Knee Brace, it has a lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium frame that swoops around the calf and thigh, taking the weight away from the ACL but allowing a near normal range of motion. Designed to fit while wearing ski boots the Armor is the Knee brace of choice for many professional Winter Sport athletes and current sponsor of the USA Ski Team. The only negative that we can find with the Donjoy Armor is that it does not offer any compression around the knee, one solution is to wear compression base layer tights under the brace, another is to spend your evenings Après-ski with a drink in your hand and ice on your knee, which doesn't seem so bad. Having the knee brace fitted correctly is vital to its performance, so we are offering FREE professional fittings of the world's leading skiing knee brace, the Donjoy Armor to all those attending The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show in London between 25th and 28th October 2018. Normal RRP – £499.99    Firstaid4sport Special Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show Price – £299* Email us on to book your fitting and apply for free entry to the show (not applicable on Saturday) or complete the fitting form.