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Hand Wrap for Boxing & MMA

The reason which fighters wrap their hands is obvious, it protects their hands. Hands are made up of several delicate joints and bones which can be easily damaged when training or competing. The wrap is used to stabilise the delicate bones and joints and prevent movement when punching a bag, a pad, or a person. An MMA fighter or boxer used their hands a lot, they are their tools so protecting them is essential, therefore all professional and amateur fighters will wrap their hand when competing and training. The purpose of hand wrap is to hold the hand together. The hand wrap will support the fingers, knuckles and wrist. However, the wrap is not a cushion for the impact to the knuckles this is the job of a glove. How to wrap your hands If you are unsure of how to best wrap your hands be sure to check out our guide with boxing trainer Tom Owens, who shows you how to wrap your hands like a pro. [embed][/embed] Firstaid4sport Pro Wrap Firstaid4sport Pro Wrap is our very own boxing cotton hand gauze, develop entirely by Firstaid4sport after being approached by boxing trainer Dean Powell and has since been used by amateurs and professionals across the boxing and MMA world.

Made with 100% cotton and a unique design meaning that the wrap has no elasticity in its length but does have elasticity in its width, which is vital in the process of hand wrapping to hold the bones in place while still allowing freedom of movement in the fingers. Pro Wrap is also reusable so can be used time and time again for training and is sized 5cm x 10m. Pro Wrap alongside our Zinc Oxide Tape has become extremely popular with fighter, trainer and cutmen alike and has been worn by boxers such as Anthony Crolla and Tony Bellew. Finally, our Pro Wrap is fully endorsed by the British Boxing Board of Control and is included in our boxing first aid kits.