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Head Injuries in Sport

Head Injuries
All Head Injuries are potentially serious so it is important to assess them carefully. Head Injuries can cause impaired consciousness which is a state anything less than being fully conscious. Somebody can be fully awake(conscious) or completely unresponsive to any stimulus(unconscious) or they could be at any level between the two. The brain is composed of soft tissue in a hard rigid skull and any disturbance to its normal activity such as the brain being shaken inside the skull can affect a patient. Remember the ambulance service are always at the end of a telephone with sound advice. If the injured person loses consciousness, even momentarily, or cannot remember what has happened then professional medical advice should always be sought immediatly.

Minor Symptoms
Small cut
Feeling generally unwell

Symptoms requiring medical attention i.e Concussion
Any loss of consciousness, no matter how brief
Any loss of memory
Constant blurred vision
Constant or severe headache
Vomiting several times
Personality changes - generally not themselves
Shock Causes
A head injury is usually cause by a blow to the head either by an object, a clash of heads or bodies or a person falling to the floor or ground. Treatment for Minor Head Injuries
If in any doubt to the severity then call the emergency services for advice and help. If there is any blood then put on your gloves and once you have found the cut, especially if it is within their hair, cover the wound with a sterile dressing. Apply pressure to the dressing as this will compress the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped secure the dressing in place with a bandage or surgical tape to keep the wound clean.
Apply a covered ice pack to the area of the blow to reduce any swelling and relieve some pain. Treatment for any loss of Consciousness Call an Ambulance without delay. Check Breathing and pulse. Commence CPR if breathing or pulse not present. Diagnose and treat any bleeding. Place the patient in the recovery position. Monitor patient.
Remember that if you are at all unsure call for professional advice and call an ambulance.