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Help I need a First Aid Kit for Football Team?

I need a first aid kit for my football team.... what do I need and where can I get it from?

So you have been through your Level 1 coaching and done your 3hr Emergency First Aid Course, now you need the kit to assist you if your new skills are ever called upon. The FA themselves are a bit vague about contents and if you listen to them you will have a few dressings and loads of triangular bandages. Here at Firstaid4sport we have put together a range of specific Football First Aid Kits to help you out. Our founder, Gemma Davison, is a Hockey player and former Paramedic and the whole reason came about was that she couldn't find a decent first aid kit on the sideline when a teammate got a hockey ball in the face. The kits have been put together in a way that the Personal Football First Aid Kit and Essential Football First Aid Kits contain items you would be able to use with little or no first aid training and they cover what they say - the personal for you, the essential for the team. You don't need tonnes of things in your kit, they can either be patched up quickly with a big plaster or they will be off the pitch. Anything that requires a large dressing would normally be seeking further medical attention anyway. The Intermediate Football First Aid Kit contains a few more specific items that require a small bit of knowledge, say your a 3hr Emergency First Aid Course or a First Aid at Work course. It has the addition of dressing pads, bandages, tapes and scissors but also has larger quantities of the basics to cover a full team or squad and should be sufficient for quite sometime. Most teams tend to use the big plasters to cover any blood wounds and get them back on the pitch and the instant use ice packs - both of which are available in bulk pack to keep you well stocked. Top of the Range is the Advanced Football First Aid Kit that has all sorts of different tapes and strapping's which you do need to know what you are doing with to apply correctly, so a decent understanding of first aid and sports injuries is recommended. As well as more of the items contained in the other kits this also has some cold spray, heat spray, steri-strips, saline pods, petroleum jelly and a reusable ice bag. All of the First aid Kits for Football come in our signature bright orange bags. The reason is that we know first hand how difficult it is to find that smart navy or black first aid kit bag among the pile of kit bags on the side of the pitch. With our orange bags you will never have to hunt for it again. The future's Orange! Shop for Football First Aid Kits or make up your own kit from our First Aid Consumables and Equipment