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High Dye Taping Step-by-Step Guide & Vidoe

This High Dye taping guide shows you how to prevent plantar fasciitis pain, repeated ankle sprains, ankle tendinitis, shin splints, fallen arches or calcaneal bursitis. You will need a single roll of tape to follow the four steps in this guide.  Using:

Step 1 An anchor is attached as the top of the ankle, apply a second one at the base of the toes.

Step 2 Fro the lower anchor make a stirrup around the heel and attach up towards the opposite side.

Step 3  Complete another stirrup from your initial anchor going around the bottom of the foot with it at 90 degrees and then up attaching at the opposite side.

Side 4 Perform two months stirrup just off the line of each other and anchor the top of the stirrups with another strip of tape.

Alternatively a video tutorial is also available.