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How to help prevent Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries have always been present in sport for decades, but they are not limited to just sport and are frequently seen to effect active individuals. A hamstring injury will leave an athlete side-lined for a number of weeks and have an incredibly high re-injury rate. Usually there also no warning signs with an injury such as a hamstring tear, which is why you see players suddenly pull up dramatically when sprinting.

 Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to completely prevent hamstring injuries, however there are certain steps you can take to help prevent hamstring injuries. So, what are they? Firstly, for running based athletes running faster and more allowing the body to be exposed to the level of intensity and frequency of running used when competing. Athletes during training or even rehabilitation should be exposing their body to the high intensity running they are likely to experience during activity. When increasing the intensity of running in training it should be done with realistic measure in mind. For example, getting players to run at a high level of intensity when fatigued, similar to a match day experience. Secondly, strength training building power in the muscle group will help prepare and enable athletes to be more competent for activity therefore making them also more resilient to injury. Exercises such as dead-lifts, glute bridges, machine leg curls and hip thrusts can all help build your hamstring muscle.

However, you need to remember that building strength will not completely prevent injuries, but it is an important tool. If you are struggling with a hamstring injury, then  browse our range of fantastic products and find whether suits your needs on the road to recovery.