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How to treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fascia is the name for the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch of your foot and through overuse can very easily have micro tearing at the point of attachment to cause an excruciating heel pain. The pain caused by this tearing can begin to disappear on its own but many people find that the ligament will tighten up overnight and cause excruciating pain when trying to put the foot down in the morning. This pain may begin to ease off throughout the day but will be incredibly frustrating. Treatment for plantar fasciitis often sees the ligament being allowed to rest but ideally the foot needs to be kept stretched when relaxing to prevent the foot 'dropping' or pointing downwards causing the ligament to tighten. Insoles or arch supports can be a simple solution for some people, while the Aircast Achilles heel sleeve can offer a compressive massage during the day when wearing footwear. There are two air-cells, one under the heel, the other behind the Achilles, when you put weight on the one under your heel the air moves to the Achilles, when the foot lifts off the floor vice versa causing a comfortable continuous massage effect which improves the circulation in the affected area. This in turn improves recovery, keeps the area supple and reduces swelling and pain. Another option more suitable to use when relaxing the ligament is the plantar fasciitis night splint. This boot keeps the foot at a right angle preventing the foot dropping when relaxing or sleeping. It includes a small removable wedge which allows you to start at a suitable angle for yourself and increase it as you begin to feel comfortable. The boot can be worn during evenings when simply sitting down and relaxing and can even be worn throughout the night when sleeping to prevent pain in the morning. Many people will use an arch support throughout the day before using the plantar fasciitis night splint in the evening and night.