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J Taping Step-by-Step Guide & Video

This J Taping step-by-step guide shows you how to protect the ACL ligament in the knee midway through rehabilitation and to prevent injury of it from reoccurring. Using:

Step 1 Perform an anchor above and below the knee. Step 2 To perform the 'J' shape, tape down from the middle of the knee then across and underneath the knee cap and across lower the anchor. Step 3 Perform the same upwards and across to the top anchor. Step 4 Complete the 'J' taping three times up and down the knee to increase stability. Step 5 Secure the J taping with another set of anchors at the top and bottom of the knee. Step 6 With the EAB wrap around the top anchor twice and then diagonally down and around the base anchor. Step 7 Go diagonally up to the top anchor and around the back of the knee. Step 8 Wrap diagonally down again and round under the bottom of the knee. Step 9 Finish the EAB with one more vertical wrap to top anchor. Apply a zinc oxide anchor at the top and bottom to secure the EAB. Alternatively a video tutorial is also available.