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Just Give It A Thought Charity Campaign

A new Lincoln based charity – Just Give It A Thought, has set out to change the way people think about their personal safety and this week released their first public `Thinking Face` campaign which aims to spread the message of the charity to as many people as possible, while also raising so much needed funds for the charity’s projects. The charity argues that Home Office statistics consistently show that young people are more at risk of becoming a victim of crime be it violent, sexual or theft. It is also estimated however, that 57% of all crime goes unreported to the police with this number rising to between 70 and 90% for sexual assault. Surveys and research show the true extent of the problem with 1 in 7 females experiencing serious sexual assault at university, and 8% experiencing attempted assault. This crime is not just limited to University students however and a survey of children aged between 12 and 16 showed that one in four had been the victim of a crime in the past 12 months, with over half being violent crime. The charity argue that society has a lot of hidden victims and that the general perception is that personal safety is `hard work` and will stop the fun and risk associated with being a young person. The charity believes this is doesn’t have to be the case and argues that it’s time for a different angle in terms of personal safety. Just Give It A Thought Paul Wilde said “We have so many hidden victims in our communities and we need to start talking about it. It is time for a new approach”. Today marks the launch of Just Give It A Thoughts brand new campaign, The Thinking Face campaign. With this campaign the charity aims to start a conversation with the public and draw attention to the problems and hidden victims in our society. The Thinking Face campaign encourages the public to take part in the campaign by sharing their ‘Thinking Face Selfie’ on social media using the hashtag #thinkingface and by nominating three of their friends to take part too. Every person who takes part in the campaign is encouraged to watch the campaign video and share their feelings on the subject. It is important that we discuss these issues as a society, to think about personal safety and perhaps most importantly challenge the attitudes and perceptions that cause people to commit these crimes. Just Give It A Thought also welcomes any donations to their work. The charity is aiming to raise £30000 as part of the Thinking Face campaign and asks for those who support the campaign to donate as little as £1 towards the cause. All donations will go towards funding their work promoting personal safety in Universities, High Schools and Nightlife districts. The Thinking Face campaign can be followed through the Indiegogo campaign page: or search ‘thinking face’ on You can also follow the campaign through Just Give It A Thoughts Facebook page: or their website:   Just Give It A Thought – Registered Charity Number 1160385 Contact: Founder and CEO – Paul Wilde Email: Phone: 07536082724