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We started with the Stabilization Phase now we are going to move on to the Strength Phase of our training. STRENGTH: WEEKS 3 & 4 This phase of your training is where we would concentrate on maximal strength and muscle hypertrophy building strength in the areas you most need it. We will be building strength exercise in with agility training to start to build a good base in preparation for our explosive power training. The first step of this programme is to warm up. Set 2 cones roughly 10 meters apart. 5 x 10 meter steady jog 5 x 10 meter high knee runs 5 x 10 meter explosive sprints 5 x 10 meter agility sprints: set 4 cones in a square 10 metres apart starting at any point sprint to the cone to your right, you must run around the cone clockwise and then back to the starting cone, repeat on the other 2 cones. For the next part of our programme you will need a set of speed ladders, 4 cones and some medium/ heavy resistance bands. We will be mixing strength exercises with speed and agility. Exercise 1: Set up your speed ladders. Perform 20 Squats then 4 lengths of one foot in’s on the speed ladder (sprint through the ladder putting just one foot each time in one rung). Repeat 3 times. Exercise 2: Set up cones 10 metres apart then set up the speed ladders at the end. Perform 10 metre duck walks (get in a squat position so you feel the stretch in your glutes and staying this position start walking the 10 metre distance keeping your bum low to the floor.) when you reach the speed ladders perform 4 sets of two ins ( sprint through the ladders putting both feet in each rung.) Repeat three times. Exercise 3: Get in partners of similar weight and size and set cones 10 metres apart. We are going to do piggy back runs with resistance squats. Get your partner in a piggy back position and run the 10 metres, let your partner off and get in a squat position, your partner should put their hands on your shoulders and provide gentle resistance on the up phase as you perform 10 squats. When your ten squats have been completed your partner does the same. Repeat 3 times each without rest. Exercise 4: This will be your upper body and core workout. In this workout we start to add some movement into our core exercises as well as keeping in our stabilization exercises. This will be performed in 3 minute sets with 20 seconds on each exercise. You will need to partner up and have a medium resistance band for each pair. 0-20 secs: front planks 20-40 secs:  wide press ups (start with hands just out side shoulder width and hands facing to the sides) 40-60 secs: side plank (right side) 1min-1min 20 secs: side plank left side 1min 20- 1min 40 secs: Band rows (sit facing your partner with your feet against theirs, both hold the band with both hands and pull the band into your tummy in a rowing motion keeping your elbows in and squeezing your shoulder blades together then release and repeat) 1 min 40 – 2 min: Partner ab crunches ( lay facing your partner and crunch up at the same time) 2 min -2 min 20 secs: Close Press ups ( hand shoulder width and hands facing forwards) 2 min 20 – 2 min 40 secs: Leg raises (lay on your back, legs straight and six inches off the ground, lift your feet keeping legs straight another six inches then return to starting position and repeat. 2 mins 40 – 3 min: Front Plank Repeat 3 times. Finish off by stretching the quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and chest. In weeks 5 & 6 we will be building explosive power and building in plyometrics.