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Blog » Guides » Kinesiology Tape: What it is and why to use it?

Kinesiology Tape: What it is and why to use it?

Kinesiology Tape is used throughout the sporting world and is easily recognisable, it’s the bright strips of tape seen on knees, shoulders and backs. It is applied to the body to reduce pain, provide support, reduce swelling and improve performance all without restricting movement. Kinesiology tape is made up of mostly a blend of cotton and nylon and designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity meaning athletes are not having their movement restricted. The adhesive used is water-resistant and can last up to five days.

It can also be purchased as a roll, pre-cut strip or as cuts for specific injuries. These different forms mean that anyone can apply a complex lymphatic technique and are easier to apply if you are still getting to grips with taping techniques. How does it work? When kinesiology tape is applied to your body it gently lifts the skin, which is believed to create a space between your skin and the tissue beneath it. The use of Kinesiology tape can also create miniscule spaces in your joints. When applied to the knee or shoulder the tape can increase the space in the joints and this will reduce the chance of joint irritations. Kinesiology tape is believed to also potentially improve blood circulation and change the signals on pain pathways. When applied it may also improve the circulation of lymphatic fluids. Be sure to read our guide on how to make the most of your kinesiology tape  which also shows the best way to remove the tape. Also be sure to see our video tutorial to Patella tracking with kinesiology tape.

 7 Reasons to use Kinesiology Tape

  1. Proven to Work

Kinesiology tape has had a significant amount of research done to prove that its use accelerates the healing process for a range of injuries. From trauma to inflammatory conditions.

  1. Durability

With the adhesive used being water-resistant, some kinesiology tape will last for up to five days, meaning that as well as it being long lasting, you will be able to feel the its benefits 24 hours a day.

  1. Pain Relief

Kinesiology tape works on both physical and neurological mechanisms in its aim to relieve pain. With the tape lifting the skin, it is perfect for the treatment of acute sporting injuries as it relieves pressure on the pain receptors under the skin, therefore providing effective pain relief. 

  1. Reduced Recovery Time

Kinesiology tape when applied to fatigued and over worked muscles works to remove by products allowing a faster recovery. It also has the potential to aid athletes when taking part in endurance style events by preventing muscle fatigue, or by allowing for a more complete recovery between either resistive or high intensity events.

  1. Support

Kinesiology tape has a unique elastic quality different to any other tape. It provides a light support to the injured area while also prompting a safe and healthy range of motion.

  1. Continue Training

One of the key points of kinesiology tape for athletes is that injuries can be taped up, reducing pain to a state where the athlete can continue to train under guidance.

  1. No Cramping or Spasms

The application of kinesiology tape increases circulation to the skin and muscles below, allowing more oxygen and nutrients at a cellular level, whilst also simultaneously accelerating the removal of waste and by-products. In turn this will help prevent the cramping that often occurs to overused or injured muscles. Be sure to shop our full range of Kinesiology Tape, here.