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New rules on coloured sock tape for 2012 season

You may be reading this in anger, after being marched off the pitch yesterday before the first game of your Sunday League season had even kicked off. Why? Because you were wearing black sock tape on your white socks.

Of course this was probably the first you had even heard of the new rules that came into place this season. Straight from the UEFA rulebook on kit; section 8.10 -
"If tape or similar material is applied externally it must be the same colour as that part of the stocking it is applied to."

Most of you who were caught out will have gotten away with a warning, however I have heard of a couple of incidents where a yellow card has been given by a referee (however this is more likely due to the ensuing arguments over who is going to pay for the brand new roll of sock tape the player bought especially for the start of the season).

Of course, Firstaid4sport have the solution. With a wide range of colours of sock tape and zinc oxide tape available, including a CLEAR, |transparent sock tape//P4808| (clever huh?), you can count on us to see you through the season.