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New Year, New Me.

Committed to making this years, New Year's resolutions last?

Does it seem like last year's New Year's resolution was forgotten by February? Then you are probably not alone! But if you really are committed and determined to get into shape this year, then here are our top tips for maintaining your motivation into the New Year and beyond.

Set long and short term goals

Stop thinking of your fitness as a quick-fix solution to lose the extra few pounds post Christmas. Keep reminding yourself that it is a process, really think about what you want to achieve and try to make sure that you include some non weight related goals, for example, running a personal best, or improving your swimming technique. These goals are much more specific and achievable than simply losing weight, meaning you are more likely to succeed and remain motivated. The reason so many of us give up on resolutions so quickly is we set our targets too high that they seem un-achievable. If it helps, write them down and display them somewhere as a constant source of motivation.

Make sure your fitness regime fits with your lifestyle

So, staying motivated post January. During January you were in the gym during every free moment, walking to work, steering clear of sugar and ditching the wine altogether. But can you realistically keep that up? If you are going to keep going with your new and improved healthy lifestyle, it needs to fit into your everyday life. Use January as a test, work out what is and isn't possible in the long-term. Making green smoothie everyday for breakfast may not fit into your morning routine, working out if you prefer to excise in the morning or evening, maybe walking all the way to work took too much time, but getting off the bus a few stops early works just fine? Whatever is it, re-evaluate everything you’ve done in the month, what you’ve enjoyed and haven’t, and make those small changes that aren’t so drastic.

Keep trying new things

Gym membership is not the only option, there are plenty of other ways to get fit. Find out what is going on in your area. Outdoor boot camp classes, Zumba or dance can be both cheaper, more sociable and don't require you to make a long standing commitment. You can improve your fitness from the comfort of your own home with some simple and affordable equipment, for example resistance bands, wobble boards and foam rolling.

Get friends and family involved

When you’re not relying solely on your own willpower, it can be easier to stick to a regime. Knowing you’re letting your best mate down if you don’t make it is a good motivator to stick those trainers on. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, quality time with friends and family whilst getting fit