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Preparing to Ski - Episode 1

With the ski season just a few weeks away (I am sure you are counting down as much as we are), it is not too late to improve your ski specific fitness in time for your holiday. One of the most influential factors in skiing related injuries is a lack of fitness and conditioning. Avoiding injury is not only achieved by the safety equipment that you wear(although we definitely advocate the use of helmets), it in fact starts at home with the preparation that you do in the run up to your trip. If you condition your body to the physical demands of skiing, in particular work on strengthening you knees, then it will leave your body much more equipped and able to cope with increased activity levels, therefore decreasing your chances of sustaining an injury. Firstaid4sport have teamed up with Tori Collins ISTD Ski Teacher from Tignes and Val d’isere, France  to bring you a series of simple excises that you can incorporate into your current regime in order to be better prepared for your ski trip, and reduce the risk of injury whilst skiing. Here at Firstaid4sport we stock a range of knee braces and supports that can be fitted with ski boots to prevent worsening any existing injuries you may have. If you need any advice on knee braces, or injury management whilst skiing please contact or if you are interested in coaching or training from Tori Collins ISTD Ski Teacher then visit