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Rock Climbing - Essential Equipment for Beginners

Here in the UK there is an array of locations to do both outdoor and indoor rock climbing. Rock climbing challenges you both physically and mentally, incorporating balance, strength, concentration, agility and judgement while giving you the thrill of exploring new paths. The combination of the above skills, plus the technique learnt along the way, leaves rock climbing as a solid sport in improving your fitness on every level.

When going to climb for the first time, most centres or courses will provide the basic climbing equipment. However, other essential equipment is available to buy which will enhance your training from the start.

|Zinc oxide tape//CSTRAPING270| is ideal as a form of strapping for the fingers and wrists to help support the joints when undertaking a new strenuous activity. It can be applied with precision without feeling too bulky while climbing.

Naturally while undertaking exercise, the body gets hot and this could lead to sweat building on the hands which will reduce your grip. In order to prevent this from happening use |climbing chalk//PMU07050| to absorb the moisture and provide you with enough grip to climb safely and efficiently. As with the zinc oxide tape, climbing chalk is an inexpensive, but vital addition to your kit.

Due to the excessive pressure on your hands and feet, you may find yourself suffering with blisters. |Blister plasters//CFOOTCARE520| protect blisters and sore spots while they heal, giving them the ideal environment to recover quickly while still allowing you to continue with your climbing without aggravating them further.

Finally, a |sports towel//P8022| is a welcome addition to your kit, being the ideal size to have at hand to wipe away sweat and moisture which may compromise your grip.

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