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Skiing Knee Brace Guide

Which is the best knee brace for skiing? Because of the specific stresses and strains that skiing excerpts on the knee, we can significantly narrow down our range of knee braces to suit skiing. Here are our top 5 skiing knee braces |Donjoy Armour//PDJ99| This is the best skiing knee brace we have tried. It has a very high level of support with a lightweight aluminium frame making it comfortable to wear all day on the slopes. It does not come too far down the shin so a ski boot will fit comfortably beneath it, and it is low profile to fit under salopettes. Price: £429.96 | McDavid 429X Knee Support//PMC429X| If you are not looking to spend as much on your skiing knee brace we would recommend the McDavid 429X. This is a flexible knee brace with added hinges, but it also has the added benefit of rigid strapping which mimics and supports the knee ligaments. Price: £92.50 |Donjoy Everyday ACL Support//PDJ04BL| The Everyday ACL Support has been designed specifically to protect the ACL joint while being comfortable to wear all day. It has a solid frame design and the shorter length improves the comfort. The frame is not as rigid as the armour and the shorter length reduces the level of support, but this is certainly a cheaper alternative to the Donjoy Armour. Price: £279.96 |Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Support//PMU5452| Like the McDavid 429X, the Mueller HG80 is a flexible brace with added hinges. The only reason it does not rank as highly as the 429X for skiing is because it does not have the additional ligament straps, however, the HG80 offers exceptional comfort and extra patella support which is why it is our best selling knee brace to date. Price: £69.96 |Donjoy Reddie Knee Support//PDJ01BL| Those looking for a cheaper hinged knee brace should check out the Donjoy Reddie. It is a basic hinged brace and it will not provide the same support as some of the more expensive braces, but the wraparound design makes it easy to fit and for the price it is worth considering. Price: £29.94   Here is how we picked Let’s look at why knee braces are so important for skiing: The most common skiing injury is a damaged ACL ligament. This is one of the ligaments holding the upper and lower leg bones together at the knee joint. Damage to the ACL occurs when the lower leg twists away from the upper leg causing the ligament to over-stretch or, in the worst instances, break. The reason that this is so common in skiing is because, if you were to fall, the long skis not only make it more likely for the leg to twist, they also grant extra leverage so the forces applied to the knee are increased. Forces that are large enough to damage the ACL often damage the other ligaments and tendons in the knee such as the MCL and PCL and so it is often important to look for a knee brace that will provide complete protection to the knee. So, the first thing you need to look for with a skiing knee brace is a “Hinged Stabiliser”. Ok, this sounds fancy but what it basically means is that the knee brace should have solid stay on either side of the knee, with a hinge at the knee joint. This stabiliser helps to prevent the knee from twisting or overextending. Some braces are all-round flexible knee braces with stabilisers added to the sides, however the more supportive braces are completely solid frames with straps to attach the brace to the leg. Your choice depends on the level of protection you require and your budget. For example, if you have had a previous knee injury, or if you are recovering from a knee injury, you should consider the higher level knee braces such as the Donjoy Armor. Alternatively, if you are just looking for some basic support or protection, you may prefer a Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace or a McDavid 429X. Another thing we are often asked is whether to wear a brace on each knee. Again, much of this comes down to personal choice and your budget. Ideally you should have a brace on each knee, if your budget allows it, as a preventative measure to protect both knees in the event of a fall. However, if you are looking to treat or protect an old injury, you may wish to look at spending more on a high level of support rather than buying two cheaper supports. With the specifications above in mind, we have narrowed down our range to 5 knee braces we believe are the best for skiing. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information.