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Sports injuries and preventions

A sports injury is always bad news since it means time away from sport, training and not only causes physical pain but can lead to drops in fitness levels. It’s important not to rush back from an injury since inadequate healing can lead to additional damage and steps need to be taken on return to sport to ensure that old injuries don’t rear their heads again. Injured players should seek professional advice from specialists in the sports field to ensure they have a full programme in place that builds up strength and promotes healing for the injured area, which should also include a gradual return to play. These specialists will also advice on future prevention and what specific supports, tapes and ongoing rehabilitation exercises will be required. While it is frustrating for players, coaches and the wider team for injuries to occur, ensuring full preparation to deal with injuries while playing is the first step to preventing more serious issues. The usual advice about thorough warm ups, training, the use of rest days and so on goes with the territory, but players must also listen to their bodies. There is a difference between ‘good muscle ache’ from working hard and the pain caused by damage! And if ever in doubt, players should consult an expert. Using our knowledge of the game and understanding of sports injuries we have developed sports first aid kits specifically designed for sports such as Football First Aid Kits and Rugby First aid Kits with the first aid products needed to keep you on the pitch. We also manufacture Sports Taping and Strapping along with supports and braces to treat or prevent sports injuries, in addition to our own Zinc Oxide Tape and Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) and have a large range of other tapes and strapping like Kinesiology TapeTear Lite TapePVC Insulation Sock Tape and Underwrap.