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Stay fit and have fun in the winter

 As temperatures begin to fall and the threat of snow every other day, the thought of sprinting up and down the pitch in the freezing cold can be unbearable. That is why we’ve come up with our top 10 alternative sports for winter so that the fun doesn’t have to end. Keeping in shape and regularly exercising even when your seasons over also means your body will be ready for the next season and keeps your muscles and joints strong.

In the sports centre

Indoor Match – no need to miss out on your favourite sport because of the weather! Of course this doesn’t work for all sports but football and basketball can be played in your local sports centre. Climbing – This is a great for those who want to try something a little bit different in the winter months. Climbing is not only fun but it’s ideal for building upper body strength and its ever growing popularity means that we are seeing more and more indoor climbing centres cropping up all over the UK. Ice skating/Hockey – Ice sports such as skating and hockey are perfect for an intense workout that will burn fat and build muscle as well as help with balance. A great way to get that winter sports feeling without leaving the sports centre. Gym – If you want to stay in shape why not get a temporary gym membership. You can use a range of both cardiac and muscle building exercises to improve your body’s condition.

In the Home

Plyometrics Exercise – These exercises are perfect for those who are having a break from their sport but want their bodies to be prepared for the next season. It consists of exercises which push the muscles to the limit to increase speed, strength and flexibility in a short amount of time. These exercises aid in power development but also can reduce the risk of injury. Fitness DVD – There’s a great range of fitness DVD’s on the market, targeted to different levels of fitness and dependant on the body part/type of exercise you want to do (cardio / toning / muscle building). These are great for those snowy days when you can’t leave the house but want to expel some energy. Fitness Games (X-box Kinect, Wii etc.) – We absolutely love these things, not only are they great fun and can be played with all your friends – a lot of the time your exercising your body without even noticing! We love Your Shape for Kinect, My Fitness Coach for Wii Fit and Michael Jackson: The Experience for a giggle! Wobble Boards – Generally used for rehabilitation purposes, Wobble Boards can be great for mild indoor exercise and are great for training your balance and core and for strengthening tendons.

Outdoor fun

Sledging – Nothing makes you feel like a kid again quite like hitting the slopes of your local park armed with your plastic sledge (or for some just a bin bag) and soaring down the hills trying to dodge trees, dog walkers and fellow sledgers. Marvellous! Bum Boarding – Sledging with a difference! Exclusive to Firstaid4sport the Bum Board will give you hours of fun! Designed to fit around your tush, simply lift your legs in the air and prepare to go flying down the snowy hillside! Watch our team product testing the Bum Board: