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Summer Skiing


Winter may have dragged on this year, but as things get a bit warmer round here it gets more difficult to keep that skiing bug going throughout the summer. Skiing doesn’t have to be limited to the November-April season though, there are plenty of other options available.

Here in the UK there are a growing number of indoor skiing facilities, as well as the dry-slope options. There are a total of six real snow slopes around the country, located in Braehead, Castleford, Tamworth, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead and Manchester. All of these centres can provide skiers and boarders with the required equipment, as well as offering rental services for clothing and other kit. Most centres offer lessons at all levels if you wanted to brush up on your skills or try out the sport before committing to a holiday. For more information about the skiing available in the UK, visit

If you’re looking to go away on a skiing holiday in the summer, then there are many places still in season, it just means venturing a bit further. Good destinations to hit the slopes in the summer include; Valle Nevado, Chile, Las Lenas, Argentina and Treble Cone, New Zealand. While flights may be more costly than the European destinations in the winter, there are many benefits to travelling to the Southern Hemisphere to ski, especially with the quieter and larger slopes on offer. Some information about a few skiing options available in the Southern Hemisphere can be found at

From the indoor slopes, to the south of the equator, with all of these choices on hand, there’s really no need to hang up the ski poles during the summer months.