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Supporting our sponsored Roller Derby team the `London Rockin Rollers`!

Recently a few members of the Firstaid4sport team went to Nottingham to support our sponsored Roller Derby team the `London Rockin Rollers` in their match against the `Hellfire Harlots`. It was a fantastic day, we're all addicted and can't wait to go again to watch them play! So here is everything you need to know about Roller Derby! What's the format? Each game is 60 minutes long, played in either three 20 minute segments or two 30 minute segments. Each period consists of an unlimited number of `Jams` with each one lasting a maximum of two minutes. When each `Jam` is complete, the teams have 30 seconds to get ready for the next one but if they’re too slow, they must skate on anyway so there isn’t a lot of time for rest! As said, points are scored by the jammer lapping the pack by avoiding the blockers and pivot and then legally passing as many players as possible to score as many points as possible in that `Jam`. Whistles! A lot of whistle blowing was going on when we went to watch the `London Rockin’ Rollers` and we had no idea what each one meant to start off with! One long whistle signals the start of the `Jam` so get skating! Two short whistle blows lets the jammers know they can start trying to get past and lap the pack. Four blasts on the whistle signals the end of the jam due to two minutes being up, or the lead jammer calling the jam off. The Lead Jammer The lead jammer is the first to get through the group without passing a blocker while out of bounds or committing a penalty on any blocker while passing them. Once the lead jammer status has been earned, the lead jammer has the power to call of the jam at any point. The referee will signal the lead jammer with one short whistle blast and by pointing to the lead jammer! Penalties Hitting others from behind Grabbing or use of the hands Pinching and elbowing Tripping or blocking with the legs Blocking with the head Blocking a jammer while 20ft ahead or behind the group ...many more! Tactics! Roller Derby, as we found out by watching, is pretty tactical! Offence and defence are played at the same time which complicates strategy. For example, blockers may create a large whole for their jammer to pass through to score, but this may also allow the other team’s jammer to sneak through and score! Here’s a few tactics commonly used... Ending the Jam - As we’ve already established, the lead jammer can end the jam at any point therefore they control the opposing team’s ability to score! The ideal situation is the lead jammer scoring as many points as possible and ending the jam before the opposing team scores any. The Whip - The blocker or pivot grasps the jammer’s hand and swings them forward therefore increasing their speed and momentum Passing the star - The jammer can pass the star helmet cover to the pivot therefore making the pivot the scoring jammer. This may happen due to fatigue, injury or the pivot being in a better position to score. So there are some rules for the pretty complicated sport of Roller Derby! We had a fantastic time watching the `London Rockin’ Rollers` compete and can’t wait to go and see them again soon! We spoke to the `London Rockin Rollers` about their match against the `Hellfire Harlots` and they had this to say: “The Hellfire Harlots game was really tough for us as a team, they are really well established and it showed on track. There was a lot to be proud of for us though, as the things we have been drilling in training recently are really coming together and we are really looking forward to our next game on the 9th May against Roller Derby Metz Club - come down to Newham Leisure Centre to see us in action”! Check out the `London Rockin’ Rollers` at their website here or on facebook here