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That's a wrap! - Taping your hands for Boxing/MMA

The purpose of the hand wrap is simple, to protect the fighter’s hands and hand injuries put boxers out of action more than any other injury! The hands are up made of many delicate joints and bones that can easily be damaged when punching either training or during a fight. The purpose of the hand wrap is to hold your hand together, supporting the fingers, knuckles, wrist and hand in general, and not, contrary to popular belief to cushion the impact for the knuckles, that’s the job of the glove. The wrap is there to stabilise the delicate bones and joints and prevent movement when punching a bag, a pad, or a person. Here are some tips for hand wrapping and a video showing the correct way to wrap a hand for maximum protection. Don’t always go for the cheap stuff – A boxer’s or martial artist’s hands are their weapons so protect them! Do some shopping around before you choose your hand wraps, read reviews and go and try some on to make sure it’s a comfortable fit. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re looking to compete Spread the hand wide when applying the wrap – Wrapping the hand and wrist with a clenched fist or closed hand can cut off the circulation and make the wraps uncomfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing them for a while. Spread the hand and fingers wide when wrapping and them wide until you are finished. Secure the wrist as well – Make sure you keep the wrist straight when you wrap your hand, bending it can lessen the effectiveness of the wrap. Wrists are easily bend the wrong way and can become sprained or even broken, leading to time off and so make sure you don’t neglect them when wrapping properly. Hand wraps are something worth investing and as has already been mentioned, they are your tools and weapons and so damaging them means time out of the sport and out of competing. Investing some time in finding the right wraps for you, the learning how to properly apply them will save you time and pain in the long run. Watch below for our video on how to properly wrap your hand with Tom Owens, Personal Boxing Trainer. Firstaid4sport Pro Wrap is a boxing cotton hand gauze was developed by us after we were approached by the Boxing trainer Dean Powell. It is used by both amateurs and professionals alike across the Boxing and MMA World. They use this gauze to wrap their hands for padding and protection under their gloves. It is made with 100% cotton and has a unique design that means it it unique because it has no elasticity in its length but does it in width. This is vital in the hand wrapping process to hold the hand bones in place but allows freedom of movement in the fingers. The Pro Wrap is reusable so it can be used over and over for training or fights. Furthermore our Pro Wrap is fully endorsed by the British Boxing Board of Control and features in our Boxing First Aid Kits. Pro Wrap, used alongside our Zinc Oxide Tape has become popular with boxers, their trainers and Cutmen. It has been worn most recently by boxers Tony Bellew and Anthony Crolla.