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The importance of footcare in sport

Footcare is an important issue within sport— your feet support you, so it is vital that you also support them. We have a wide variety of products available to ensure that your feet remain healthy and that you can continue training, playing and making progress. An issue with your feet can have wide-ranging consequences for the rest of your body: your posture, joints and balance are all dependent on a healthy base. In case of issues, however, we can supply a range of products to support your feet and keep you at your active best. Insoles and shoe inserts can be placed into your shoes to support weaknesses and absorb shock. We supply a variety of specialised shapes and forms to fit the curves of your foot, particularly your arches and heels. Larger ankle and arch braces are also available, as well as cold compress ankle wraps to aid pain relief and lessen swelling from injuries. To cushion and relieve a variety of foot complaints, gel toe equipment, such as spreaders, tubes, crests and separators, can be vital. Your toes provide balance whilst you move and bear most of the weight of your body; it is crucial to your athletic performance to protect them. Furthermore, we supply a variety of lubricants, including petroleum jelly, to reduce friction and prevent blisters. If you have already developed a blister, an array of sizes and shapes of blister plasters are available, to protect your healing skin and ensure that pain does not slow you down. We also supply a complete runner’s blister kit, to cover all blister-related incidents. Above all, it is important to listen to your body. If you sustain persistent damage to your feet, you should seek an expert medical opinion, but for temporary wear and tear our range of footcare products can help to keep you moving.

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