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Top 10 Gifts for the Injury Prone Athlete

We all have that one friend or team mate who is constantly suffering an injury or ruled out for a season. Well Christmas is nearly here and isnt it time that we stopped making fun of their injury prone ways? Maybe not. But the injury prone athletes need Christmas gifts too! So here is our top ten picks:

#1 Firstaid4sport Ice Bag  

If ever you've experienced an injury, you will know of the love, hate relationship that you develop with ice. One too many dripping plastic bags of ice cold water and you will feel like never using the stuff again! But that's not an option. These ice packs, provide instant relief, they shape to fit you, and come complete with a durable non drip cap. At only £6.54, you can afford one for each knee!  

#2 Hot/Cold Pack with Sleeve and Strap

A personal favourite can be used hot or cold: The portable hot / cold therapy. These packs keep the ice or heat exactly where you need it so you can go about your day to day life and not be held prisoner to the couch. This means no more excuses for not taking the time to ice.

#3 Resistance Band Pack  

Lets face it, a lot of injuries usually come down to the need to stretch or strengthen something more.Bands and straps can help you progress faster. These elasticated bands provide a smooth, progressive resistance throughout a full range of motion making them ideal for rehabilitating an injury.

#4 RockTape

Kinesiology tape has most likely become part of the injured athletes everyday wardrobe. So we figure if you are going to wear this tape everyday, then why not make a statement? The tape is weaved specifically to stretch and move in a certain way to lift the skin away from the soft tissue beneath, therefore increasing blood-flow and assisting drainage to an area. This improves the efficiency of the muscles and tendons beneath the surface, and accelerates healing if the area is injured.

#5 SpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape

Like we said, applying kinesiology tape has most likely become a part of the injured team mates day to day routine. But gone are the days of spending your time like an episode of art attack cutting your own tape! I present you, SpiderTech Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape available in a variety of cuts to suite different injuries.

#6 Fit Foam Roller 

The foam roller is a must have for any athlete, it has an inner core that can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for improving core strength, stabilisation, balance and preventing future injuries.

#7 Precision Training Wobble Board  

The Firstaid4sport Light weight strong wobble board is ideal to train your way back to full fitness and to integrate balance into every aspect of sports performance and rehabilitation. This Balance Board is perfect for strengthening weak ankles and your core muscles. Made from strong plastic

#8 Omni Massage Gift Pack 

The Omni directional massage ball is the ultimate treat whilst out with injury, the easy to grip handle make it the tool of choice for professional or home use. The Omni roller actually spreads out the pressure of deep tissue massage making it the perfect tool for cross fibre, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. This set comes complete with an oil to warm and soothe tired muscles.

#9 Personal First Aid Kit

The most appropriate Secret Santa gift under £10 for the injury prone team mate. Allowing them to treat those bumps and grazes on the go, never again will they be caught out without a plaster.

#10 Wheat Herbal Heat Pack

Last but not least, sometimes when you're feeling sore, or just plain sad that you are missing out on another training session, there is nothing else to be done but find something to cuddle! The Soothe-Away Herbal Heat Pack is 100% natural, it contains no drugs or chemicals. Its treated wheat grains, dried lavender flowers and a secret selection of herbs can give you many hours of relief from aches and pains.