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Top 10 Tips to get fit in 2014

FirstAid4Sport's Top 10 Tips to get fit in 2014 We all like to indulge over the festive period and as the New Year dawns most of the nation will vow to be a thinner, fitter version of their former selves. To help you along the way, FirstAid4Sport have created a top 10 of tips to a new and improved you. 1. Eat the right things: We all overdo the food and drink at Christmas. However, now is the time to take stock, cut back and create a healthy new eating plan that is workable and sustainable. 2. Keep Hydrated: Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated especially when exercising. The recommended daily intake is eight pints and it's vitally important that you try and reach this target. Switching fizzy drinks and alcohol to water will not only improve your skin, but will also help you shed those excess pounds. 3. Set Targets: Set yourself small achievable targets. If you see that progresses is being made you are more likely to feel the benefits and stick to your new regime. 4. Invite Friends: No doubt you have a friend who is in exactly the same boat, so why not join forces? Having a friend to spur you on can give you the extra motivation you need. Having an element of competition also helps aid weightless. 5. Invest in Equipment: Good quality equipment such as trainers, training clothes and under garments are essential parts of your workout. You need a comfortable outfit to allow you to feel confident and prepared. Investing in good quality equipment also signals your intent demonstrating a desire to succeed in your new venture. 6. Find an activity you enjoy: We’re all different and what one person loves, another loathes, therefore there is no perfect exercise regime. Find something that you enjoy that fits into your everyday schedule and feel the health benefits whilst you are having fun. This is the most successful way of sustaining your New Year health kick. 7. Work All Of Your Body: whether you go to a gym, attend classes or have devised your own workout plan, remember to work your whole body to achieve the best results. 8. Start Slowly: The last thing you want is to injury yourself or overdo it. Start off slow and gradually build up the frequency and length of your workout sessions. When you feel ready and comfortable to do so, step up your routine. 9. Warm Up And Cool Down: It's crucial to stretch your body before and after exercise to prevent the risk of injury and aching muscles. Be sure to seek advice on how to do this properly if you are unsure. 10. Be Brave: Don't be afraid to go along to a new class or do something completely different that pushes your limits. It’s good to do something different and you might find something you really enjoy. Take a look at our range of Fitness products to help get you started.