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Top tips for running in the rain

With January over many people are counting down the days until summer, however we can still expect some rain between now and then. So, if you’ve taken up running this new year then we have some tips for running safely in the rain. Running in the rain can be dangerous, especially to a new runner who hasn’t ran in the rain yet. So, here are a few tips to help you run safely in the rain. Shoes If you’re likely to be running in the rain investing in waterproof shoes is the first step to take, if you already have waterproof shoes you should ensure that the soles. If the soles are worn to a point, they are smooth they will not be suitable to running. When running you always need as much grip as possible, especially when running in the rain when the floor is wet and slippery. Clothing Its still cold outside as we transition from winter to spring, it’s tempting to wrap up with extra layers however once you begin your run you will soon warm up. If you are going to wear an extra layer when you go running a bright light-weight water resistant jacket would be the best solution. As you will be highly visible to driver as well as being kept dry and not overheating. Protecting your eyes Despite the rain sometime helping you feel refreshed when running, one downfall is constantly wiping water away from your face and in particular your eyes. A simple solution is wearing a hat with a brim keeping water away from your eyes. Technique As a runner you will always strive to better yourself, beat your last time and improve your technique. However, running the rain on average can add up to two minutes per mile, so when running in the rain, time should be your second priority behind finishing the run. Therefore, not focusing on your time allows you to focus more on your technique, with less grip you should take smaller strides, reducing the chance of slipping and sustain an injury. Prevent Chaffing Chaffing occurs when fabric rubs against wet skin. The best way to prevent chaffing when running in the rain is to rub Petroleum Jelly on the most at-risk areas.