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Triathlon Tips

Taking parting in any triathlon is a daunting process, with three different disciplines to plan for and the idea of competing against a number of other athletes. So, we have decided to try and give you a helping hand on your journey to completing a triathlon. Planning, practicing your shifts and knowing what to take with you on race day are three things which anyone who is looking to complete a triathlon will need to do and know.

Planning your shift Planning the way in which you will shift from running to swimming to cycling can be one of the most helpful exercises ahead of a race.  On a race day these changes will be manic with hundreds of people all fighting to be number one. By practicing these changes, you will not only improve your overall time but stop any race day panic when you will have just seconds to change disciplines. A top tip for any triathlon is make sure you remember where your bike is for when you finish your swim, potentially adding something to your bike to make it stand out and easily visible.

Be familiar with the course Usually a meeting will take place prior a race allowing competitors toy to get a basic guide to the route. However, to learn the route better you may want to study the route further in your own time or even practice on the course the day before the race.

Changing a flat tyre Changing a flat tyre is something you will have to do in a triathlon, hopefully not your first, but you never know so its best to be prepared. So, a few competitors will practice changing both tyres and by timing themselves they can track their speed and ensure they can remain clam in the event of a flat tyre.

What to take with you on the day? First Aid – It is important that you are prepared for a small graze or cut. A personal sized first aid kit is a great solution as it is small enough keep on you belt or bike and allows you to carry on in comfort after minor issues. Any serious injuries will require you to stop immediately. Nutrition – Throughout the course of a race your energy levels will begin to deplete and although there may be aid stations you will find by having endurance gels or electrolytes to hand more beneficial. Hydration – Staying hydrated will be essential for all athletes taking part in a triathlon. Drinks which contain high levels of sugar are key to prevent competitors having a sugar crash during the race and can be alternated with water for optimal hydration. A bright water bottle will be extremely useful so it is easy to see. Lubricant – If this is your first triathlon an have not worn a wetsuit many times then you may experience some chaffing. The neckline, ankles, calves and groin tend to be the most prone areas. So by applying a lubricant such as petroleum jelly you can ease the friction and ensure comfort throughout the race.