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What first aid equipment do you need for a football team?

The new football season is just around the corner and first aid provision will be top of the agenda for many managers and coaches. Injury can plague a team, both in terms of having players out of action but also the risk of old injuries reoccurring, so ensuring you have the correct first aid equipment to hand for your football team is essential. Items like gloves, plasters, bandages, sterilising wipes and so on are an obvious thing to include – they’re standard first aid essentials, but what else might you need? Well, if you’re dealing with cuts then you need a yellow disposable bag. You might want to consider sports muscle rub and eye wash (especially for those muddy matches), but more serious items such as resuscitation shields and CPR guidance booklets are helpful inclusions – although we hope you’ll never need them. You also need to consider how you’ll record any injuries that occur. This is important for medical professionals if the injured player later needs formal treatment but is also a requirement of most if not all football leagues. An accident book will ensure you capture all of the information you need to be compliant. At Firstaid4sport we have worked in collaboration with top physios, coaches and sports injury specialists to create our bespoke football first aid kits which are designed to offer you everything you need in one handy bag. From essential kits which can be used by anyone, to more advanced kits that are for people with formal first aid training, there is something for all abilities. We also provide individual items to allow you to restock your first aid kit as and when you need to, so it’s easy to keep on top of what you have and not run short. Make first aid a simple ‘to do’ item and get it checked off ahead of the season, so you can focus on getting your players fit and game-ready. Hopefully this season will be less chaotic than the last! See our full range of Football First Aid Kits