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Which massage should I get?

There are several different types of massages with each being designed to deal with different issues, getting a massage is not as simple as laying face down on the table. The massage you require will be dependant on what you are wanting to get out of it. There are hundreds of massage types available but for newcomers there are four main types of massages available and each of them offer different results, meaning you can get a massage which best suits your needs. Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massages use a high amount of pressure with slower strokes compared to other massages. During a deep tissue massage a therapist will apply a lot more pressure with their palm, ball of their hand and finger tips. Allowing them to release tension from the lower layers of the muscles and is an extremely effective way of tackling long-term problems. Swedish Massage A Swedish massage is the most common style of massage and involves long strokes from one end of the body to the other alongside kneading and circular motions. A Swedish massage is usually recommended t anyone new to massages and will be effective to alleviate tension and release knots. Sport Massage This massage is most popular with those who are physically active or play sport and are beneficial for repetitive use injuries, the massage can ether be aimed at a specific area of the body or the entire area. However, a sports massage is not just for those suffering from injuries as many athletes will use a massage as part of their preparation. A sports massage is an effective way of loosening up muscles, encouraging the depletion of lactic acid and promoting the flow of blood. However, it is not particularly relaxing and moves at a fast rate and will involve moving body parts to help stretch the muscles. Trigger Point Massage A trigger point massage is designed to work on smaller, hard to identify knocks that are causing pain in other areas of the body. Knots causing pain in other areas of the body, for example a knot in the hamstring causing lower back pain, can appear as a result of acute injuries of chronic conditions. A trigger point massage will begin with broad ad gentle strokes around the affected area, before applying a deeper and more focused pressure using thumbs, knuckles and eve their elbows.