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Winter Training - Don't Lose Grip

What are grip enhancers? Grip sprays can be used on hands when taking part in many different sports, one example being Rugby where for many years players have been using Mueller Stickum Grip spray. The use of grip enhancers have been even more popular since the use of gloves became fashionable, only for the IRB to ban gloves in the game just one season later. Different Types of Grip Enhancer Grip enhancers usually come in two different forms, sticky adhesive solvents that are similar to glue often make the spray products such as Stickum Spray, and adhesive wax products which are the consistency of a sticky resin and applied by rubbing a small amount on to the palms, one of the more popular wax products is Trimona. Both the wax and spray products can leave a sticky residue on hands so it is recommended that you use the corresponding removal products in conjunction with your chosen grip enhancer. Although the liquid grip enhancers have proven popular in sports such as rugby and basket ball, other sports more traditionally use chalk as a dry alternative. For example, rock climbing, weight lifting and tennis. Rather than applying an adhesive layer to the hand this works by drying any moisture, thus preventing loss of grip. Why use a Grip Enhancer? Whether you’re pushing yourself to the max with heavy lifts, or doing some quick kettlebell repetitions, using  a grip enhancer will help you to beat those sweaty palms, giving you dry hands to lift safely. Get a grip on your lifts and get chalked up before you begin! Another benefit of using grip enhancers for your workouts is that they form a protective layer over your hands. This protective layer prevents you from getting blisters and tears in your hands, which often form after fast and repetitive workout motions. See all our Grip Enhancers here