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Wobble Board Exercise Guide

The light weight strong wobble board is ideal to train your way back to full fitness and to integrate balance into every aspect of sports performance and rehabilitation. This Balance Board is perfect for strengthening weak ankles and your core muscles and here are some exercises which you can do with your wobble board.

Standing Balance Test (Easy)

Stand on the wobble board with your feet shoulder width apart and push the front of the board down towards the ground by flexing your feet forward, aim to get the lip of the board as close to the ground as you can without letting it touch the floor. Proceed to roll the board round in a clockwise direction for one minute, once complete do the exercise anti-clockwise. If your ankles/ knees are weak or painful, let the lip of the wobble board touch the ground. Repeat four times in each direction, taking a rest every two.

One Foot Balance Test (Hard)

Steady yourself on the wobble board with your feet hip width apart, stand on one leg. Once you feel balanced carefully bend your standing leg attempting to get as low to the ground as possible while keeping your back straight. Reach towards the ground with both arms to maintain balance. Repeat 30 times for each leg, taking a break every 10 reps. If you have weak knees you can simply raise one leg and attempt to hold yourself as steady as possible on the board.

Wobble Sit Ups (Medium)

Sit on the middle of the wobble board with your knees bent and the soles of your feet touching the ground hip width apart. If you are a beginner to sit ups place your hands on your stomach or chest, proceed to sit up while looking straight forward and engaging your abdominal muscles. For a harder challenge try doing the sit ups with your hands on the side of the your head (do not use your hands behind your head to help pull you up). Remember – quality over quantity, it is better to do less but more controlled sit ups. Repeat 30 times taking a break every 10 reps.

Standing Lunges (Medium)

Steady yourself with one foot flat on the board and the other leg behind the board placed to keep balance. Once you are comfortable being to bend both knees while keeping your back straight. Reach towards the ground and hold for two seconds, return back to a standing position slowly. Do four reps and then swap legs. You can repeat this exercise as many times as your feel comfortable. For a harder version, lunge forward as well as down – aim to go as low as possible.

Ball Throw Exercise (Easy)

Stand on the wobble board with your feet shoulder width apart and find a flat surface to throw the ball against, challenge yourself by throwing and catching the ball while trying to maintain a good balance on the wobble board. Push yourself by throwing different sized balls or odd shaped ones like rugby balls, you can also throw faster or at different heights to increase the difficulty. You can also do this exercise with a partner, they can throw the ball at different speeds and heights.

Balance Push Ups (Hard)

Place your body in the push up position over the board, with your knees on the floor. Place your hands flat on both sides of the board then raise your knees up from the floor. Proceed to do a regular push up, trying to keep the board from wobbling. Make sure to keep your back straight and engage your core muscles this will stop your back and shoulders doing the all the work. Do as many reps as you are able to do. You can shop our range of wobble boards online now.