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Medial Ligament Taping Step-by-Step Guide & Video

This taping guide will show you how to provides support to the medial collateral ligament following injury or to support unstable knees, you will need two kinds of tape and there are seven steps in this guide.


Step 1

Apply two anchors of zinc oxide above and below the knee.

Step 2

Apply a cross shape on the inside of the knee to provide support to the medial ligaments.

Step 3

Repeat the cross strapping twice more making sure each application is slightly off the previous one.

Step 4 

On the back of the knee apply three strips going from the inside of the knee top right to the bottom left anchor to prevent the knee dropping inwards.

Step 5 

Using EAB wrap around the top anchor and then diagonally down to the bottom and around the lower anchor.

Step 6 

Continue the process in a figure of eight so the medial aspect of the knee is fully covered.

Step 7

Secure the EAB with a strip of zinc oxide above and below the knee.

Alternatively a video tutorial is also available.

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