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Pro Wrap! The UK's original Boxing Hand Gauze - The Story

It all started back in 2009, when Michael, our Director, was approached by Boxing Trainer, Dean Powell. Dean had just returned from Bulgaria with Boxer Amir Khan who was now in his professional career. Whilst out in Bulgaria, Amir had been using a simple gauze bandage to wrap his hands and protect them during training. On returning to the UK, Dean tried to find the same gauze as Amir had been really impressed by it. But unfortunately, he couldn’t find any. That is when he turned to Firstaid4sport! Giving us the sample, we then had to ask the Bulgarian embassy to translate the tag attached to the bandage to find exactly what is was and were it had been made. We spoke to several suppliers and manufacturers and could not find anywhere that had anything remotely similar. So, we decided to get it made ourselves. The finishing product was produced, and Pro Wrap was born. Pro Wrap is a 100% cotton gauze bandage and has a unique design. It has no stretch in its length but does in its width. This is vital  in boxing and other combat sports, to hold the bones of the hand in place but still allow freedom of movement so the hands can be clenched, and the fingers are able to move freely. Fast forward 9 years later and the original Pro Wrap is being used across the UK by professional and amateur boxers alike. It is now the only Boxing Gauze fully endorsed by the British Boxing Board of Control, along with our Boxing First Aid and Corner Kits. We are proud of our Pro Wrap and when is it combined with our Zinc Oxide Tape it is unstoppable at protecting the hands of fighters. Pro Wrap is worn and endorsed by: Amir Khan Gallagher’s’ Gym in Bolton, home to world famous boxing trainer Joe Gallagher and his fighters: Callum Smith, Stephen Smith, Liam Smith, Anthony Crolla, Natasha Jonas, Marcus, Sam Hyde, Paul Butler, Callum Johnson, Paul Smith Jr, Marcus Morrison, Hosea Burton and Scott Cardle.