Injury Guide

Welcome to the Firstaid4sport Injury Guide

Here we have listed some of the more common injuries, their symptoms and how to treat them in a simple and easy to use guide. Simply select the area of the body where the injury has occurred, and you will be given a list of common injuries for that area, along with a summary explaining some of the symptoms and causes. If you would like more in depth information about the injury and how it can be treated, click the link provided. This will explain the injury in a simple way so that and offer recommendations on how it can be treated. We strongly recommend that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed here that you speak to your doctor or physio. Please note that the product and category links associated with each condition is not necessarily designed to treat that condition.

Foot and Toe Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Lower Leg Injuries

Knee Injuries

Thigh Injuries

Back Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Elbow Injuries

Wrist Injuries

Head and Neck Injuries